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Traditional Frame Marquees for Hire | Fairytale Marquees | Available in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire


The staple part of any corporate hospitality function, festival or winter event is the clear span frame marquee. Often confused with meaning clear covers, 'clear-span' in fact means the structure spans from one side to the other without the need for central support. Remarkable in its flexibility and durability it is suitable for use at any time of year. We span from 3m wide to 20m wide with 3m or 2.3m leg height. These marquees can be partitioned, draped, have clear panels (including the roofs) installed, mounted to levelled floors and can be built to any length to hold anything from 10 guests to 1000 guests.

Perfect for installations on grass or hard standing, these marquees can be installed with ballast blocks and floating floors to alleviate drainage issues. 

While some clients choose to have the basic bare structure to house their guests, we also offer a wide range of accessories to make these tents pop. Check out our star cloths, dance floors, lighting options and clear roof options. Or, if you are feeling a little bewildered by the choice, why not give us a call to speak to an expert who will gladly guide you through.

We also provide other types of Marquees - Clear Roofed Marquees, Petal Pole Marquees, Stretch Tents and Traditional Pole Marquees


How do I decorate the frame marquee?

Entirely up to you. We can light the marquee using festoonsuplighters or fairy lights. It is popular to install flower hoops over a round bar. We can even supply pulleys for you to conveniently hang your own decorations

Are marquees waterproof?

Absolutely. All our marquees are waterproof.

What time of year are these marquees suitable for?

These marquees are suitable for use throughout the year. For the cooler months we offer heating systems which run on a thermostat.

How much is it to hire a clear span frame marquee?

Our frame marquee hire price start at as little as £500+VAT. Prices and rates vary dependant on options. Flooring, lighting and furniture are all popular additional hire items. Speak to an expert today to start building a package to suit your budget.

How long is the frame marquee hire period?

How long you have the frame marquee for is entirely up to you. We charge by the weekend and a typical schedule might be build on a Thursday and Derig on the Monday. You may wish to extend the period by adding another weekend. We offer some great discounts for additional weeks' hire. These marquees are ideal for long term hires and have been used as restaurant spaces, additional reception space at wedding venues and to host corporate Christmas parties.